‘Black’ a group show at Art Vista gallery, Thane, Mumbai. Sept. 2013

Black & white the sound itself evokes stark imagery in the mind. The absence of color creates a very different visual experience from our extremely colorful world.

Gallery Art Vista presents a group show titled ‘Black’ featuring four artists of known caliber and very different styles following the same palette.  Curators Sharmilaa Iyer and Swaroop Biswas visualized the combination as dramatic and it has turned out nothing less. Swaroop being one of the participants has been working in this genre for a while. The Artists with very different backgrounds & styles coming together under one palette with diverse subjects bring to life their own worldview to the fore.

Speaking of the group we must start with Prof. Kashinath Salve. Being the eldest in the group and with a mountain of experience behind him Prof. Salve is no stranger to the Black & white genre. Ketan, a J.J College of Arts alumni brings his expressions through textures. Parag Tandel, A MSU Baroda alumni is a new generation mix media artist with excellent exposure in different materials. He brings some fresh perspective to this show too. Swaroop being the co-curator of the show wears two hats here. His masks wearing strong lines become his protagonists on paper & canvas. Incidentally it was Prof. Salve who inspired Swaroop to work in Black & white. All four seem to complement each other even after being so different. You are welcome to witness this one a kind exhibition in Thane and experience the expressions.