Swaroop Biswas, the maverick painter from Mumbai has been in the news for his latest exhibitions in and around Mumbai. An exponent of the Visual form, Biswas born in Bengal has shifted base gradually from Utter Pradesh to Maharashtra and has been enthralling Western Indian viewers with his vivid and true-to-his-style art works. Particularly remarkable are his Mask series of paintings which have been much talked about by the connoisseurs of Art. They just tease you with their sharp and incisive swipes at your character. Biswas as an artist is a very involved character. In the mean time he has gone through two changes of places. These bitter-sweet experiences manifest in his work, if not vividly, in subtle ways.

Swaroop is a keen observer of the life as it happens, transforms and manifests around him and all of us in our day today existence. Even though he himself denies the beauty of his creations, his pieces immediately draw the attention of the viewer.

His use of vivid colours that are not challenging to our perceptions is very clever. It may be unintentional but is so obvious that that once you are placed before his painting you are then transformed into a discourse with the painting. The simplicity of the imagery used by Swaroop is also another charming aspect about his art. Step by step you enter into his world and the world of his creation and his painting enters into your mind and you start uncovering the wonderful different facets laid out by him in his art. This process becomes so beautifully indulgent that the impressions never leave your senses even after you have left the scene. He registers his thoughts in your mind. And he makes it a point that they do, such is the lasting impression about his art.


An artist with wide range of creative skills combined with good acquired skills in people and process management is the best way to define Swaroop. With 20+ years of experience in User Experience, Communication Design through eLearning, Publishing for Print & Web, National magazines, Advertising, web design and multimedia industries, he has a wide range of exposure towards different skills, requirements, techniques, mediums and cultures. Swaroop loves to work with and lead big teams. He is a good motivator and his theater skills help him greatly to understand psychological issues and provide solutions.

Skills & Specialties: User Experience Solutions, Usability & Accessibility Analysis, IA Design, People management, Visualization, Communication design (web, print, multimedia), Skill & Process Training, Lectures (Art history, Color psychology, Design process).